Layout Plan/Site Plan

We all know that there was a time when finding a home for you was a difficult task, the options were very limited. But with the boom in the real estate industry, especially in National Capital Region home buyers have more than required options to choose from. Today’s home buyer not only asks for a good flat but he/she also looks for an apartment in Faridabad which has the best layout plan. Luxury has become a necessity for today’s home buyers. Few years back when swimming pool, club, play area, parks, reserved parking etc were considered as luxury features, now with the changing time it has become basic necessities for every home buyer. Every buyer looks for a fantastic and modern layout plan with all the necessary services. No one these days wants to live in an apartment with no green area. So it is very important to allot a very good percentage of the total area for parks and gardens. Omaxe Heights Flats in Faridabad provides perfect layout with a huge green area to live a peaceful life. The parking is situated under or near to the tower you live in. The swimming pool and the club are situated in the centre of the apartment, so every home buyer has approx equal distance to these facilities. The commercial area is situated at the main entrance of the apartment so you can buy all your daily use goods while coming back home. The other reason to have the commercial area at the entrance is that it will not disturb the peaceful mood of the residential apartment. With not only one but many green parks in its layout, Omaxe Heights Flats in Faridabad give you a relaxing atmosphere. All three different flat sizes have different towers. The EWS flats are situated on one corner of the apartment with its own green area. Omaxe Heights like all other Omaxe Projects in Faridabad takes care of all the sections of the society and that is the reason for the success of omaxe Heights in Faridabad. So Buy home in Omaxe Heights Apartments and have a relaxing and peaceful living with their perfectly planned layout.

Layout Plan Plan

Location Map